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Image Resizing Help

If your photo is in the Apple Photos App:

  1. Select the picture in Photos
  2. Select Export 1 Photo
  3. If you don’t see the Size popup, click on the Down arrow to the right of the Photo Kind popup to reveal more options.
  4. In the Size popup, select Large.
  5. Photo Kind should be JPEG.
  6. JPEG Quality can be Maximum
  7. Color Profile can be Original.
  8. Click the Export button.
  9. Navigate to a place you can find the Photo – suggest Desktop.
  10. In the Finder, select the Photo file exported. 
  11. With the Photo selected, select Get Info from the File menu.
  12. In the Info window in the General section, you should find the file size. 

If your photo is not in Apple Photo App

  1. Navigate to the photo.
  2. Double click on the photo and Preview should open. 
  3. Select Adjust Size from the Tools menu
  4. The current size will be listed at the bottom of this window.
  5. If the size is over 1 MB, change the Resolution and/or Height & Width to reduce this size to less than 1MB
  6. Select Save from the File menu. 
  1. Identify photo
  2. Right click on photo to give drop down menu
  3. Left click on resize, this will give the options S, M, L (Only small will fit the template for transmission to the moon,)
  4. Left click on S small, this will reduce the resolution of the phot and ask where you want it stored.
  5. Store Photo, with appropriate label on Desktop
  6. Click, drag and drop new photo with reduced resolution into Lunar template.


The easiest way in iOS is to email the picture from Photos to yourself. You will be given a choice of Small, Medium, Large, and Actual Size. The Large is generally under 1 MB (1000 KB). Once you receive the resized picture you can upload it on the form.

Instructions are coming soon.

Instructions are coming soon.

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