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Going to the Moon!

Date: November 14, 2020

Leesburg Lunar Alliance 
Contact: Dave van de Velde: 352-205-6194 Leesburg Lunar Alliance
Danielle Parker:352-787-2131Leesburg Chamber of Commerce

Website: LeesburgLunarAlliance.com
Email: DavidHvandeVelde@gmail.com or DanielP@LeesburgChamber.com

Leesburg will be build as a virtual City on the moon (Lunar City of Leesburg), with all plans / photo’s / lay-outs etc. landing next summer on the moon surface.

Celebrating the July launch of the Space Rocket, is the planned Leesburg Lunar Festival (an all-day event) in the Venetian Gardens on Saturday, March 27th, 2021.

Participation: Businesses and Citizens can participate for a very small fee, Schools and student’s participation is FREE.

Purpose: Recognition and support for anti-bullying / harassment / anti-drugs programs in schools.

Individuals can book a room in the virtual Lunar Hotel in the Leesburg Lunar City and businesses can have their own building site for their virtual office, store, restaurant, etc. as well as government buildings.

All submitted pictures, plans, lay-outs etc., including the pictures / video’s on the Leesburg Lunar Festival will be stored in a time capsule forever in the Peregrine Lander’s landing site close to the moon’s North Pole.

Watch the moon rise over the horizon and for a moment, remember the people you are close to, right there.

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Leesburg Lunar Alliance
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