Leesburg Lunar Alliance

VSC Lunar Alliance

Going to the Moon!

General Certificate Form

    Request to participate with the following information:

    • I accept the Vrtual Lunar Concept and its programs.
    • I understand that the program is depending on third party performance of flights, launch, and landing etc. for this Moon Mission.
    • My name and address.
    • I understand that everyone can participate for FREE! You can contact your group, club, or school for donation information.
    • I agree that my participation can be used to support anti-bullying and harassment programs in schools.
    • I agree that I have the basic understanding what the program entails.

    We welcome new ideas and hope to make these ideas become a virtual reality.

    Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are the first to do this and we are entering an exciting new universe.

    If you have a problem uploading your picture, you can download our form and fill it out at home. Once filled out, take a picture the form with your information, story, & picture and email it to ToTheMoon@vsclunaralliance.com.

    Sample Pictures You Can Include On Your Certificate

    You can use these pictures on your certificate if you are not able to use your own. You can download the pictures by Control clicking on one of these pictures and selecting Download or Save Image As from the popup menu.

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